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Smart Ideas to Save Time and Money on Outdoor Pool Maintenance

DynaDome | Ideas to save time and cost of maintaining your pool using a retractable enclosure.

We know you spend a lot of time cleaning, maintaining, winterizing, and opening your pool. Actually, closing and opening your pool are among the more expensive parts of pool maintenance.

There is a way to spend less time dealing with your pool, however, which could decrease your annual maintenance costs.


If you do not prepare your outdoor pool properly for the winter, you are risking algae and bacteria growth in the pool. Also, different debris can enter, which would make the pool cleaning much harder next season.

In addition, it can be really damaging to your pool structure, plumbing, and other equipment, if the temperature drops below freezing in your region. Pipes can burst, and equipment manifolds can crack –— it can get very costly if not properly dealt with in advance.


To properly close the pool for winter, you have to:

  • Thoroughly clean the pool
  • Clean/blow out all plumbing lines
  • Flush all of the equipment
  • Lower the water level
  • Add winterizing chemicals
  • Attach a winter pool cover


outdoor pool equipment outdoor pool cleaning leaves



All of that effort just to have to open it up again and prepare it for summer…


When the weather is warming up, you need to open the pool and:

  • Clean it of any debris
  • Wash the winter cover thoroughly
  • Let it dry and prepare it for storage
  • Reactivate the equipment and check it for any damage
  • Replace any winterizing plugs or other equipment
  • Clean the pool and refill it with water
  • Balance the pool water chemicals


And a lot more steps we are not going to mention…but which we’re sure you are well familiar with.


winterizing outdoor pool
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Pool cleaning of dirty pool
a dirty and abandoned pool with little water, abandoned pool, abandoned swimming pool, ruined pool


How wonderful would it be if you didn’t have to winterize your outdoor pool ever again?!

Well, there is a way to make that happen – a Retractable Enclosure


Lansing, IL - 28' x 50' Bismarck, ND - 30' x 50'


One of the biggest advantages of the Retractable Enclosure is that it makes the chore of winterizing (and ‘summerizing’) your pool a thing of the past.

Because the Enclosure turns your outdoor pool into an indoor pool in less than 2 minutes, allowing you to enjoy the pool all year round.

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