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Retractable Roof Enclosure Will Save The Day From Bad Weather

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Has this happened to you? You are hosting a big upcoming event on your beautiful outdoor patio. Planning this for months.  It’s a very special occasion because it will bring you revenue for your business. The satisfaction of your clients is your priority, so you want everything to go as planned. 


The closer the date gets, your concerns are rising. You are watching the forecast, and it appears to rain on the day of the event. What an unfortunate situation! Now, you have two options — to cancel the event or to relocate your guests indoors.

Either way, you know your clients will be disappointed.


This wasn’t going to happen if you were able to convert your outdoor space into an indoor one, and the other way around.

Luckily, there is a way to offer a true outdoor atmosphere, while your guests are indoors.




You will never cancel your events with DynaDome retractable enclosures. The retractable roof enclosures are a lifesaver.
They will ensure satisfaction and good reviews by your customers. Also, will bring you one step ahead of your competitors.


The retractable roof systems help to maximize the usage of your space. Whether you have a restaurant, patio, pool, or other outdoor space. Our custom solutions are a proven way of helping a lot of businesses to grow.


“We wanted an outdoor atmosphere for entertainment to include dining and a bar but wanted space accessible all year round …..
We got a unique Beer Garden atmosphere in the Northeast with attractive décor and a large-screen TV that welcomes all ages (over 21) and is used all year round.


We got an increase in customers who come to play at the Casino. They enjoy the attractive retractable roof system and stay for a meal or cocktail and don’t feel like they are inside the entire time during their stay. Due to the size of the space (8,500 SF) and enclosure, we are able to reserve the space for private events which is an added amenity for the Casino“.

Read the full testimonial and see the project.



We are popular with our custom pool enclosures. Yet, as we put the client’s needs first, we can custom-design anything. From retractable pool enclosures to retractable roof systems, the benefits of our retractable roof enclosures are numerous.


How DynaDome retractable enclosures are helping you to increase your revenue:



  • Prevent event cancellations due to bad weather

You will never have to worry about the bad forecast. You will ensure your guests that everything will go as planned and make them happy.

Knowing that the forecast won’t be an obstacle for their event, clients will choose you and not your competitor.

DynaDome | A wedding reception with a retractable enclosure.




  • Maximization of your space to attract guests all four seasons of the year

You don’t have to close your garden for the cold season and store your furniture and fittings. Instead, you are going to use that space during all seasons and work at full capacity. 

Deja Brew Bar & Grill, Oak Lawn, IL - 26' x 50'




  • A true outdoor experience in your enclosed space and tons of natural light

The materials used for the retractable roof enclosures are translucent. This way, your guests can enjoy the outdoor view and sky, while being comfortable and safe inside. 

This allows using all the natural light during the daytime. Which is beneficial for the experience of your clients and your electricity bill.

Happy Camper - Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL - 45' x 73'


  • Longer life for your Furniture and protection of electronics

Your furniture and fittings can be damaged due to exposure to UV as well as bad weather. The retractable roof enclosure will protect them against the harmful effects of the sun, wind, and rain. This way you can keep them looking new over time.



Save the day and make your guests feel outdoors while they are inside! If you want to never cancel your events, get a free estimate for your retractable enclosure now!

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