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7 Reasons The Inflatable Pool Dome Actually can Increase Your Costs

Graphic Blog 08-02

Do you want to extend the season, to attract guests and run activities all year round in your facility

Whether it’s a swimming pool, a playfield, or any other type of space for events. The year-round revenue is a goal that everyone wants to achieve.


For that purpose, you are using or considering having an inflatable pool dome (bubble). But how efficient it can be and is this the best solution for your organization?

The inflatable domes can be a decent temporary solution and can help you extend the season.  They convert an outdoor facility into an indoor one. Also, are efficient in covering large spaces.


Yet, there is a big chance of not realizing the disadvantages of the inflatable dome.

Let’s see some examples.

The inflatable pool dome (bubble):

1. It is challenging, costly, and it takes several days to assemble & disassemble


You need a big team of people to assemble the inflatable pool dome. This can take a few days. Once the inflatable dome is up, you can no longer take it down whenever you want. You can disassemble it at the end of the colder season, which also will take a few days and a crew.

The canvas dome of the inflatable stadium collapsed during the winter from snow and frost


2. Requires a large storage space



Once the winter is gone and the weather gets warmer, you can take down the inflatable dome. But, as it is very large, you need to ensure big storage space for the next cold season.


3. Not ideal for all four seasons

Even during the summer, it can rain, or a storm can arrive. What you would do then? There is quite a chance to cancel an upcoming event due to bad weather.


4. Requires frequent maintenance and repair work needed

The inflatable dome
is made of sustainable materials. Yet, it can still rip and damage with time and amortization. You need to maintain and repair the structure if you want to use it longer.


5. It requires extra lighting during daytime hours


The inflatable dome does not have windows, and the material it’s made of is not transparent. This means that no natural light can enter inside. You need to use lighting even during the day. This influences the experience of your guests. Also, can increase your electricity costs.


6. Increases your annual expenses


For keeping the inflatable pool enclosure (dome) up, you need to use special equipment that blows air. The system should run all the time, otherwise, the structure will fall. That is something that will reflect on your annual expenses.

Mobile modern city basketball and football stadium made of an inflatable canvas dome


7. Requires HVAC equipment running

air-conditionerThe HVAC system is a must when you use an inflatable dome. For the well-being of your guests and staff, indoor air quality is very important. Keeping the normal humidity level and getting fresh air is crucial (especially if you cover a swimming pool). The HVAC system is the only way to support good air ventilation, as the structure has no windows or doors to open.


All in all, the inflatable dome can solve some of your problems, but at the same time will add even bigger ones. The inflatable pool enclosures lead to costly utilities and have a shorter equipment shelf life.

We know, you still want to use your facility all year round.

Wouldn’t be great if there was a solution that will give you the benefits both of an outdoor and indoor facility? While at the same time removing all the downsides of each?


With DynaDome Retractable Enclosures, YOU can have the best of both worlds.


1. Use your facility all four seasons

You are pushing the button to close/open whenever you want.

2. Installing the structure one time

The Retractable Enclosure is a permanent, sustainable structure. You don’t have to worry about assembling/ dissembling it upon season changes. 


3. Abundant natural light

The Enclosure is built with transparent and/or translucent panels. They allow all-natural light to enter inside—for free.

DynaDome | A swimming pool with a retractable enclosure.

4. Fresh air even during rainy days

Even when it’s raining, you can open windows to allow some refreshing air to enter. This is very beneficial for ventilation. If the weather is good, you can open the whole structure and have a true outdoor facility. You do not need an HVAC system, neither you will worry about cancelations of your events.

Town of Highlands Recreational Pool, Highlands, NC - 88' x 122'

5. Go from indoor to outdoor in less than 40 seconds

It takes less than 2 minutes for every enclosure to open and close. So, you can convert your space outdoor into an indoor one.  But also, and the other way around, with a single push of the button.

6. Durable, permanent, extreme weather-resistant solution

DynaDome uses only high-quality materials, sustainable over time. The water condensation or the pool chemicals do not affect any of the materials.


7. No maintenance is required

The Retractable Ensure of DynaDome does not need maintenance.   Simple as that. 


8. No length limit & up to 100 feet wide

DynaDome is the only manufacturer in the world that can span up to 100 feet.  While at the same time keeping the enclosure fully retractable.


If you want to extend the season, attract guests, and run activities all year round in your facility, get a free estimate for your project!

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