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Enjoy year round swimming: Clever way never open and close your outdoor pool

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To close the outdoor pool in winter, or keep it open for the entire year? That is the question. If you are a pool owner, the chances of asking yourself this question, at least once, are pretty high.

There are a lot of good sides to closing your pool, but also to keep it open.


We know the answer to your dilemma. You will never ask yourself this question ever again. There is a solution that will give you the benefits of both options.


But before that, let’s see what are the pros and cons of keeping open or closing your outdoor pool.

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Very cold day at ice swimming place. Photo from Sotkamo, FinlandWhy would you want to keep your outdoor swimming pool open?


The most obvious reason is to enjoy your outdoor pool all year round. The view of your pool is always relaxing and peaceful. But, swimming in the winter can be a challenge. Even if you have a heater, it is not always possible to swim. Of course, your location plays a huge role as well.

Winterizing your pool requires a lot of effort. When spring comes around, you have to deal with all the work. You need to clean all the algae growth, debris, and muddy water. So, it is quite understandable that you want to reduce the work on opening and closing your outdoor pool. 

By leaving the pool open, you will decrease the usage of pool chemicals, which are expensive. Yet, that amount will be “compensated” by your electricity bill. You need to keep the temperature of the water above the freezing point.  You have to leave your equipment running on full power.

If the temperature goes below zero, running the pumps will not be enough to keep the water from freezing.  Again, it all depends on the climate specifics in your living area. If it gets colder, you will have to run a heater. 


While it may not be warm enough to swim, it at least will keep the pool from damage. Yet, you still need to regularly clean and maintain your pool.


Choosing to keep your outdoor pool open during winter is always a bit risky. You need extra precautions. For instance, having a pool timer with freeze protection or a backup in case of power outages.

After you familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of leaving your pool open, let’s see if you decide to close it for the winter.



Why would you want to close your outdoor pool?


If you decide to close your outdoor pool, that would be first to take a break from the annoying maintenance. Just imagine if you don’t have to vacuum, take out leaves and debris, scrub, test, and balance the pH levels of the water—every week! 

natural therme

Not winterizing your pool can increase your electricity bill. Running your system at full power could be costly.


Although, there is a lot of energy-efficient equipment. Like low-speed pumps and solar systems, they can decrease energy consumption and electrical costs.

The bad weather and possible storms can harm your pool and lead to power outages. If you close the pool during the winter, you don’t have to worry about that.



a dirty and abandoned pool with little water

The biggest downside of closing your pool open is opening it again. When the weather starts to get warmer, you have to deal with all the cleaning. You know the process very well. You have to clean and store your pool cover. Then fill the pool up, clean out debris, inspect and clean the filters, reinstall plugs, test and balance the pool water, etc.

Whether to keep their pool open for the entire year? It is very hard to decide. 



Northbrook, IL - 33' x 61'

In the beginning, we told you that we have a solution that will make you no longer choose. You need a Retractable Enclosure, and you will:

  • No longer open / close your outdoor swimming pool;
  • Protect the pool from damage, and not worry about power outages due to stormy weather;
  • Reduce the expenses on electricity and chemicals
  • Spend less time maintaining your pool and balancing the water
  • Have your pool available for swimming all year round

Northbrook, IL - 33' x 61'


Choose whenever to have the indoor or outdoor pool and make the change within 1 minute or less.

Forget about opening and closing your outdoor pool. Get a Free Estimate for your Retractable Enclosure 

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