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5 Reasons Why a Pool Cover Alone Won’t Protect Your Pool


Let’s face it, pool maintenance is annoying. As an outdoor pool owner, you’re probably spending much more time maintaining your pool than enjoying it.

Having a retractable pool enclosure, however, can make pool maintenance much easier and will protect your outdoor pool efficiently.


There are two types of pool cover –— the solar (thermal) blanket and an auto cover. The solar cover only protects the water from the solar rays, but it does not offer any other protection or safety.

The auto cover, on the other hand, has the same features as the solar cover, and it also protects your pool from dirt and debris, as well as keeping evaporation low and maintaining the pool water’s temperature.

We highly recommend a pool cover or thermal blanket, even if you have a retractable pool enclosure. This way, you minimize evaporation and retain the water’s heat when the pool is not in use.


However, the pool cover alone won’t protect your pool effectively. Let’s see why…


1. Safety Improvements & Security

The solar cover can’t stop children or animals from falling into the pool, although the auto cover can, being extremely strong.

A Retractable Enclosure, however, gives you an additional level of security. It requires key access, so you can be sure that your pool area is protected from unauthorized access in the same way as your house.

With the retractable pool enclosure, you can close the pool in under 2 minutes.

key access


2. Pool cleaning

The auto pool cover might protect the water from leaves and debris, but you will still have to clean those things off the cover before rolling it up.

The retractable pool enclosure, on the other hand, will keep away all kinds of insects and animals all on its own. It will protect the pool water and the whole pool area. Leaving you with very little to deal with in the way of insects, leaves, dirt, or debris.

outdoor pool leaves


3. UV protection & pool chemicals

Happy clients have told us that a retractable pool enclosure can reduce pool-chemical use by up to 95%, especially if you are using a chlorine-based system.

The sun’s UV rays normally burn off the chlorine and continually mess with the pool’s pH balance, which is why you have to treat the water repeatedly.

The polycarbonate panels of the retractable pool enclosure, however, block out 99% of the harmful UV rays and also regulate the temperature of the water and the pool area.

swimming kids protected of UV rays


4. Longer life

The shelf life of pool covers is about 5-6 years. You have to regularly buy a new one. And that’s if nothing happens to damage the cover beforehand, such as an extreme environmental condition or something heavy falling on it.

Compare this to a retractable pool enclosure. A solid, sustainable building made from materials that are unaffected by condensation or pool chemicals. A building that is under warranty for more than 20 years.

outdoor pool chlorine - pool chemicals

True Story:

One client’s home, in Wyoming, regularly sees winds in excess of 60–80mph. Their Enclosure has withstood winds higher than 100mph at times and still stands to this day. It was installed in 2008.

5. All-year-round swimming

No kind of pool cover can ensure year-round swimming.

With the retractable pool enclosure, though, you can swim in the winter and still swim outdoors in the summer.

You can turn your outdoor pool into an indoor pool and vice versa whenever you want.

You’ll probably never close your pool again. With the retractable pool enclosure, you will enjoy your pool in all four seasons of the year.

swimming woman


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