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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do pool enclosures last? Expand Our retractable pool enclosure is a solid, sustainable building. None of the materials used are affected by condensation or pool chemicals. The anodized finish has a 20-year warranty and there is a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for the polycarbonate sheets against hail and discoloration.
How sustainable is the Retractable Enclosure to extreme conditions, such as wind and snow? Expand

Our structures are designed and built to withstand your local building code requirements in terms of snow and wind, as well as other structural loads.

How do I maintain the Enclosure? Expand

No maintenance is required.

What colors are available for the Enclosure? Expand

We use longer-lasting anodizing to protect the aluminum (20+ years). The standard colors are satin (silver) and dark brown/bronze. The polycarbonate sheets come in clear, bronze, and opal colors.

Where do you deliver? Expand We ship all over the world.
How do I start? What is the process? Expand We have an easy 7-step process
1. You tell us what you need by filling in this form
2. In 2-4 days, we create a Virtual Reality design that suits your site and building constraints.
3. We discuss the design and any changes you need to make sure you get exactly what you want.
4. You place your order.
5. We start the Engineering and Fabrication Process & Permit process, while you take care of any necessary permits
6. We deliver and install your Retractable Enclosure.
7. You start enjoying your pool 365 days a year.
You’re that close to transforming your pool and the pleasure it brings you. Fill in the form today and let’s get started…